Friday, April 17, 2009

Gather all hammers inside toolbox.

As I wrote in my first article, we will start from installing the necessary tools. What are we going to install? For today, it will be (when I get something new this post will be changed):
  • Java JDK
  • Eclipse
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Apache Tomcat
Some comments why we need those tools:

Java -  comment is probably redundant.  Use the lastest one.

Eclipse - choose whatever You want. Eclipse is free, but there are other tools available free like Idea Community or NetBeans.

PostgreSQL - why just this database ("everyone knows that MySQL is the best, fastest and for free")? It is my personal choice - I used those two databases, but it seems to me that PostgreSQL is more polished and more meets my needs. And most important: it is completely free (I am not sure if MySQL is free for every case). Okay it is clear, but why do we need a database? Just in case we would like to write some sophisticated data storing application. Database will be very useful in such case ;-).

Tomcat - do we need it? Yes we do - just in case we would like to move our super data storing application into the internet (meaning: create another online store and earn a lot of money ;-)). For the most of examples (connected with web applications) Tomcat will be sufficient.

Okay, so where should we install those tools? In order to have consistent solution I suggest put everything in one directory, and create some subdirectory structure inside.I decided to put everything inside directory named "Development" on my C drive - C:\Development. Inside that directory I will place subdirectories for the mentioned above tools.

Good advice for the future: do not use paths with whitespaces and any national characters. This will save our time for searching and fixing some X-Files category problems ;-).

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