Friday, April 17, 2009

The Beginning

First of all I would like to apologize for my english. I decided to write this blog in english for one simple reason - more people will find it and read it ;-)

You should already now what is the idea of this blog (if not, You can read about it on the left). I assume that You did something using Java and You have a minimum knowledge of the language itself. But even if You do not, You may find some articles useful for understanding the Java language and other technologies.

How will it look like? At the beginning we need a workshop and tools. I intend to show You how to install everything from scratch in order to be able to do anything with some frameworks, libraries, etc. In other words: I will start with well-known "Hello World". After that I will add some bricks to build the whole wall: extend existing threads by adding new issues, wrote about the potential problems and so on - towards the complete solution.

Why do all of this on such elementary level? Because sometimes the basics are the worst problem to solve - it is often enough to discourage someone and cause him to give up. Perhaps we loose potential genius... who knows?

My goal is that all examples shown here are possible to execute by Yourself. Their purpose is to serve as a quick-start for something more serious.

That's all. Let the mortal combat begin...

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